"Dr. P's coaching moved me into deeper and healthier relationships.
I can't begin to describe the significance in my life!"
Alice Arment
Leader and Mentor

You wake up every day
with the monumental task of motivating your team.

And every day, you're frustrated by mistakes, attitudes,
and conflicts that make your job stressful.

It would be easy to use shame to motivate change.
But there's a better way.
A way that fosters trust, encourages innovation,
and creates a healthy team culture.

Your next step in growth as a leader is right here.
Call now to schedule a free consultation.

Step 1


Take the Speak Eagle assessment to explore the way you communicate with your team.

Step 2


Explore Dr. P’s Resources to learn healthy strategies to motivate your team members.

Step 3


Schedule your free consultation with Dr. P to get started on your transformational journey.

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