ShameFree Communication Strategies to Help You Soar

"I would highly recommend Dr. Heidi Petak to work with your leaders. She has worked with my leadership teams on several occasions, and each time my leaders have given rave reviews. She has helped them understand their own communication styles better and has taught them how to use creative and curious communication to effectively deal with difficult situations. I have seen a positive change in the way teams are managed with a more authentic, non-shaming style that uplifts the entire environment. It has been transformational for my leaders."
Jill Baird,
Licensed Therapist and Research Scientist

With over 4 million people quitting their jobs
every month, it's tough to be a leader today.
Because for each person who quits,
it costs 4.7K or more to replace them.

One of the top 3 reasons people quit is
When leaders communicate using shame,
it costs thousands in turnover.

Take your leadership to the next level with
ShameFree Communication Strategies

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