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Faith to Say Goodbye

I scan my yellow rose bush for blooms that are past their peak.  Often, I pluck old blooms mindlessly, but today the task feels somehow wistful.  I pluck one, pressing the still-fragrant petals to my nose before dropping them onto the mulch. I hate saying goodbye.  Goodbye to something beautiful, something good. Three years ago […]

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Rock Star Days

Some rock stars are made, not born. The Peruvian woman grabbed my hand and motioned for me to follow.  And I did, right up to the front row of the auditorium where a special seat was reserved just for me.  I felt like a rock star. Bags were carried for me, meals were made for

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Marathon Mystery

There are many marathon stories swirling around BlogLand these days with the recent events in Boston. Some stories tragic, others victorious, others angst-ridden, and all against the backdrop of a 26.2 mile fight to the finish. This story is a bit different.  It’s a mystery. Mix one cup of marathon with 1 liter of hurricane.

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I hide in the hallway, my heart beating fervently with eager anticipation.   One woman announces, “She’s here!” A few dozen people scurry to their hiding places in the living room.  We hear the door open, shut.  And then my best buddy from college walks into her house, nearly blown over by her friends yelling, “Surprise!” 

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Snake Smoothies

Recently, my 3-year old told his preschool teacher I make him smoothies for breakfast.  She asked, “What kind of smoothies?” He replied, “Snake and banana.” Her eyes widened, thinking she couldn’t possibly have heard what she thought she just heard.  “Doesn’t that taste yucky?” He laughed, “No!  Not if you put in the coffee creamer!”

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