Grow your Executive Presence in 2024

Maybe you’re like Julie, a department director, who contacted me a few months ago, saying quietly, “I just want to feel more confident in meetings.” Or like Jim, a regional manager, whose passion came through when he said, “I want to get my team to buy into my vision.” Or like Samantha, a business owner, who said enthusiastically, “I have a new leadership opportunity and I really don’t want to mess this one up.”

For all of these challenges, being empowered to use trust-based communication strategies is the key to growing your executive presence and building a healthy culture. Not only will your team thank you, but your organization’s bottom line will thank you.

The truth is, turnover is costly. People leave when their supervisor doesn’t communicate well, and employers will spend up to 1.5x an employee’s salary to replace them. Even more than that, the mental health crisis around the world is real and unhealthy workplace cultures are major contributors. With 70% of Millennials today looking for another job in search of “better”, it’s time for you, me, and all of us to learn how to lead in the new marketplace with shame-free communication strategies that create a healthy culture in which our best people want to stay. 

I know you want to be a confident leader, but I also know you also want to protect the mental health of your employees and shape a high-performing team that is marked by engagement, innovation, and trust. 

If you’re ready to take your leadership to the next level, I want to help you. In my 8-session masterclass, you’ll learn how to use shame-free, trust-based communication strategies to transform your team and create a healthy culture. My clients even say they have taken what they learned and applied it to their personal relationships and have experienced true transformation.

Years ago, my frustrations led me to communicate in ways that actually sabotaged my success. Today, I’m a professor-turned-coach with a Ph.D. in communication and I’m passionate about training leaders and their teams to do one of the hardest things they’ve ever done- take a hard look at the way they are communicating and decide it’s time to do it differently.

The Eagle Communicator is an 8-session masterclass for local leaders that will meet in person in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Thursday afternoons from 1-3pm at the 21c Library. Spring 2024 cohort begins February 29th. Space is limited. Click HERE for more details and to reserve your seat as an individual in a cohort with other local business leaders.

If you would prefer to take the masterclass online, or as a private cohort with your staff team, contact me at to discuss your options.


In this engaging, interactive masterclass, you’ll grow your leadership skills with other professionals as you learn and practice trust-based communication strategies to grow your confidence and shape a healthy culture in your workplace.

The next 8-session, in-person cohort for individual leaders begins February 29th in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I recently took The Eagle Communicator masterclass and found it to be incredibly engaging. I gained valuable insights and skills in ShameFree communication strategies that I have been able to apply to real-world scenarios AND in Real-time! This is the best course I’ve EVER taken!

– Director of Operations, New Altitude Coworking & Office Space

What You’ll Get:

  • 8 interactive, 2-hour sessions packed with transformational, engaging content
  • An eye-opening assessment to give you a comprehensive picture of your communication strategies
  • Practical tools and strategies to grow your Executive Presence and shape a high-performing team
  • An opportunity to strategize and rehearse your real-life, current communication challenges
  • A community discussion board to experience the power of connection between in-person sessions
  • Extra articles and freebies to accelerate your growth
  • Access to Dr. P for personal advice by phone and email during the course
  • An opportunity for the Spring of 2024 to be your season of growth!

I so very much enjoyed this class! Speaking like an Eagle has now become a household phrase in my home. I have also been able to share my knowledge, experience, and new, shame-free communication skills in my personal AND professional relationships, and to bring them into my office. Amazing course!

– Manager, Brukhouse Insurancen


Dr. P, thank you for teaching me your simple and memorable communication strategies. I cannot express how you have influenced my life for the better! 

– Paula Hock, Healthcare Professional