The Speak Eagle communication model shows the difference between a fear-based, unhealthy communicator and a trust-based, redemptive communicator.
The Speak Eagle Communication Model

You can be a Redemptive Communicator!

We all know how it feels when someone communicates with us from a place of trust. We feel valued, heard, believed in, and celebrated. And, unfortunately, we also know all too well how it feels when someone communicates with us from a place of fear. We feel attacked, manipulated, frustrated, and unimportant.

As you’re looking at the Speak Eagle communication model above, you’re probably thinking of someone you know whose communication behavior is passive like a Turtle, passive-aggressive like a Fox, or aggressive like a Bulldog. And, if you’re honest, you’re also looking at those styles remembering times you’ve communicated in those unhealthy ways, too. Because we’ve all been there.

We all have fears. And, those fears can make it really hard to trust. But when we do choose to communicate from a place of trust instead of a place of fear, we become redemptive communicators. What is a redemptive communicator? Someone who trusts God, yourself, and others, communicating in a way that helps another person experience connection and transformation. And, even though it’s not easy, our communities, workplaces, and families are desperate for us to rise above our fears and be strategic, life-giving communicators. (Take your free assessment HERE.)

Consider this your challenge to Speak Eagle. Choose to trust God, yourself, and others. Then, with powerful vision and the ability to soar, you’ll be a redemptive communicator. And the people around you? They’ll feel valued, heard, believed in, and celebrated. And, with God’s help, they’ll experience the connection and transformation they’ve always longed for.

It’s time. Time to change the way we communicate. For good.

-Dr. Heidi Petak

P.S. For more on this, see my blog post or YouTube video, “How to Communicate When You’re Angry”)