Coaching - Individual and Group/Staff

Grow your Executive Presence this summer!
Next cohort begins the week of June 12th.

"Thanks to Dr. P, my communication now has a focus and a purpose. And the best part? My business has quadrupled over the past year!"
Tricia Bentley
Fitness and Nutrition Coach
"While everyone has a story, not everyone can tell a story. Dr. P helped make my good stories great!"
John Dodd
Financial Advisor
"Speak Eagle has moved me into places of deeper and healthier conversation. I can't begin to describe the significance in my life!"
Alice Arment
Spiritual Mentor
"Dr. Heidi Petak is one of the most consistent and expressive voice artists I've ever produced. She cares about your business and will deliver excellence."
Mark Whitlock
Marketing Director
"Dr. P helped me transform my communication to capture the imagination of my clients. I'm so thankful!"
Elizabeth Patton Bowman
Teen Prevention Specialist
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