About Dr. P

Are you struggling to find your voice? Whether you’re trying to find your voice at home, at work, or even in telling your story publicly, I can help you. Take the Assessment, check out my Resources, like online courses, or schedule a group or individual Coaching Session to find your voice and become the strategic, life-giving communicator you want to be.

I’m grateful to be a Dove Award-winning writer, communication coach, college professor, and voiceover artist. I earned my Ph.D. in Communication from Regent University, a Master’s from the University of Arkansas, and a Bachelor’s in Broadcasting and an Associate’s in Art and Design from John Brown University. I love helping leaders, organizations, and everyday folks find their voices to become strategic, life-giving communicators in their homes, at work, and on stage. Along with coaching, I’m an affiliate professor for Colorado Christian University, Williamson College, and Denver Seminary, where my students call me “Dr. P.” I’m also the Director of Women’s Ministry at the Ascent Church. My latest God-given opportunity is in coaching survivors of trauma to find their voices and tell their stories publicly. My husband, Brian, and I live in Colorado Springs and are the parents four boys, one dog, and a one-eyed cat who challenge our communication skills daily.

Contact Dr. P at DrP@SpeakEagle.com

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