About Dr. P

Years ago, I worked for an intentional leader named Mickey who used healthy, trust-building strategies to correct and motivate me when I made a mistake or got off track. Contrast that with another leader in my life who used shame to correct me, and I left that job as quickly as I could. With 4.5 million people quitting their jobs every month in 2023, we can’t afford to use shaming strategies anymore.  It’s time to Speak Eagle.

I’m grateful to be a two-time, Dove Award-winning writer, Executive Communication Coach, college professor, and voiceover artist. I earned my Ph.D. in Communication from Regent University, a Master’s from the University of Arkansas, and a Bachelor’s in Broadcasting and an Associate’s in Art and Design from John Brown University. I love helping leaders grow to be strategic, ShameFree communicators at work, in their homes, and even on stage as public speakers. Along with coaching, I’m an affiliate professor for Colorado Christian University, Williamson College, and Denver Seminary, where my students call me “Dr. P.” I’m also the Director of Women’s Ministry at the Ascent Church. While I’m a conservative Christian, I coach leaders of all faiths. My husband, Brian, and I live in Colorado Springs and are the parents four boys, one dog, and a one-eyed cat who challenge our communication skills daily.

Contact Dr. P at DrP@SpeakEagle.com

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