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Marathon Mystery

There are many marathon stories swirling around BlogLand these days with the recent events in Boston. Some stories tragic, others victorious, others angst-ridden, and all against the backdrop of a 26.2 mile fight to the finish. This story is a bit different.  It’s a mystery. Mix one cup of marathon with 1 liter of hurricane. […]

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My husband handed me a large, beautifully wrapped package.  Four pairs of little-boy eyes watched in anticipation.  One boy said excitedly, “You’re gonna cry, Mommy!”  I carefully peeled back the paper and revealed the gift: an oil painting of tulips.  Wow. No tears came.  But I did smile.  “Thank you, honey!  It’s…it’s beautiful!” Tulips had

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Two Hands on the Cross

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. We stand around the front entrance to our home, holding hands, praying grace and safety and blessings over my husband.  I step back and snap a picture to remember the moment.  We pile into the van, suitcases stacked in the trunk and race down the highway headed for the airport.

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Flirting is Dangerous

Last weekend my family planned to go camping in the Smokies for fall break.  Five days, four boys, 30 degree nights, two adventurous parents and one tent.  Dangerous, I know, with the potential for crazy-boy injuries and visiting bears.  But I loved camping as a kid and am determined to give the same kind of creek-wading,

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The Yellow Rose

God opened one of my yellow roses this morning.  This little miracle beckons me, draws my nose to its newborn scent.  Inadvertently, the corners of my mouth turn up, I breathe deeply, grateful for the gift.  Funny how Shakespeare thought a rose was like a young man, describing, “The rose looks fair, but fairer we

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Worth an Eye Roll

“I have something to tell you, and I already know you are going to roll your eyes,” my husband says. After the very long nightly process of Peter Rabbit stories and prayers for Africa and last-minute gulps of water with our four boys, my husband Brian and I had finally sunk into the couch to debrief our

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