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The dream courageously tiptoes into the light…

It goes without saying that kids are funny.  As we were driving down the highway the other day, my son turned around to look behind us and asked, “Mommy!  Why are all those cars chasing us?”

I have four boys.  I realize that may make you shudder, not laugh.  But my kids make me laugh!  Daily.  And in the midst of our busy and often tragedy-ridden lives, those belly-busting moments are the surprising rays that break through a stormy day.


There.  I did it.  I blogged.  I have needed to blog for a long time.  To write things that make me laugh, cry and pound my chest (ouch- maybe not).  But I have resisted it.  Afraid, I suppose.  Afraid of failure.  But I heard the other day that dreams which we never start are doomed to fail before they begin.

So today, I have blogged. Whew.  Perhaps I will blog again tomorrow and keep the dream alive.

4 thoughts on “The dream courageously tiptoes into the light…”

  1. So excited for you! You’ve already crossed the biggest hurdle. This fits you like Justin carrying around your pj’s. You make it look natural! 🙂

  2. G'Pa George Petak

    I am proud of you, too, Heidi Noelle. Thanks for sharing a very important part of your life with us.
    Missing you guys lots and lots,
    Dad P

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