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Faith to Say Goodbye

I scan my yellow rose bush for blooms that are past their peak.  Often, I pluck old blooms mindlessly, but today the task feels somehow wistful.  I pluck one, pressing the still-fragrant petals to my nose before dropping them onto the mulch. I hate saying goodbye.  Goodbye to something beautiful, something good. Three years ago […]

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I hide in the hallway, my heart beating fervently with eager anticipation.   One woman announces, “She’s here!” A few dozen people scurry to their hiding places in the living room.  We hear the door open, shut.  And then my best buddy from college walks into her house, nearly blown over by her friends yelling, “Surprise!” 

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December Verbs

It’s a December Saturday.  One of the precious few in the busiest month of the year.  I’m drowning in unaccomplished Martha verbs- plan, cook, clean, trim, decorate, hang, shop, wrap, package, create, write, mail, wash, call… The phone rings.  It’s my in-laws.  And could the boys and I help with Stone Soup’s Christmas day camp

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Sacred Community

Sirens blare and lights flash in our neighborhood outside my boys’ bedroom window, jolting me out of bedtime stories. I pull up the window to hear a woman wailing, wails that can only mean someone is experiencing something unthinkable. I bolt down the stairs, out the door, and up the street.  Is it Heather?  Melissa?  Ginny?

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