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Days 3 & 4: Beauty Reigns

flowers against the brownTucked away in Comas, Peru, are glimpses of divine beauty.
In a city where the average rainfall is less than one inch a year, color should be hard to find. Indeed, the mountains loom large and blanket the city with a brown, grey dust.
Yet, like flowers that God empowers to bloom in the midst of the grey, so I found glimpses of His beauty in the people and places of Comas.
eye-catching beauty
Radio Familia. Nestled in the middle of a nondescript building, this Christian radio station in Comas sprinkles the bright colors of hope and truth.  We were interviewed, encouraging mothers and women to parent their children with wisdom and grace.
Luis Braille, a school for the visually impaired, is packed with class after class of students taught by skilled and caring professors that they have value, purpose, and a future. The kids played instruments, recited poetry, and sparkled as they told us their dreams of being lawyers, musicians, and professors.
inspiration!beautiful girl

Casa de Acogida (“the house where you are received,”) is a secret house founded by Rosa Lluncor for battered women and their beautiful, bright-eyed children, teaching life skills and offering hope and refuge to the broken, literally. One woman’s face was covered with a large bandage; her husband had been abusive for many years and had finally broken her nose, giving her the courage to take her two boys and seek refuge.  I prayed my heart out, my tears falling hot on the floor as I knelt in front of her, asking God to remind her that she is precious and beautiful.  Four women gave their hearts to Christ that morning.
Candle of Casa de Agocita
And IgIesia Alianza Christiana Y Misionera, a church with a big vision to bring beauty to their community through discipleship, outreach, and…a women’s conference, “Congreso Para Ti Mujer.”
Teaching the final plenary session in a language not my own, I was desperately dependent on the Lord to communicate His truth and hope.  My chest burned with the message of disciplining our children with kindness and love, intentionality and compassion, not with anger.
giving fears to the Lord
As I came off the stage, I fell immediately into the arms of a woman who had been one of the mothers at my workshop the first night. She wept on my shoulder for a long time, confessing her desire to parent her 8-year old son with kindness. Woman after woman kissed my cheek, saying God had brought me to them.  I wept, too, overwhelmed and humbled that the Lord had called me to this assignment and that He had spoken through me into the hearts of these women, now my friends.
In a place where it never rains, God still paints beauty.  For wherever there is hope in Jesus Christ, beauty reigns.
beautiful mother and child

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