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Day 2: Worth It?

It was 6:30. My session on “How to Know When You’re Mistreating Your Children and How to Stop” was about to start.

I had passed the classrooms of my teammates, packed with a crowd of eager faces, and walked excitedly to see the crowd that was certainly waiting in my class for me.

But when I arrived, just 3 women sat in my class, along with a few chirping Peruvian crickets.

I stood there for a moment, a bit shell-shocked. Did I really come all this way, puking my guts out on a plane to teach 3 women? I thought I was coming here to teach hundreds! Was all my hard work really worth it for 3 women?

Suddenly, I remembered. God had hand-picked me to teach this session. He didn’t promise how many women would hear it. He just asked me to teach it.

So, I sat down in front of them and asked through a translator, “Can you please tell me your names?”

One was Norma, a grandma with a beautiful smile who was worried her daughter was mistreating her grandchildren. Another, Patty, had two children and an abusive husband. Lourdes, with worried eyes, explained she had been yelling at her four-year old son and wanted to know how to stop.

As I listened to them, I gave myself a symbolic kick in the pants. Of course these 3 women were worth it! They represented precious hearts and children and families of great value to God.

I taught my session with all my heart, and as I taught, women began to pour into the room, filling every seat.

As I asked them to imagine their child as a precious flower, given to them as a gift from God, every one of them lifted their hands to receive it, then brought it to their chest where it became a baby. Lourdes cradled her baby with her eyes closed, seeming to drink in God’s gift of her child.

Her child. Precious. One.

I have two more nights to teach my session, and tomorrow night, if only one woman comes, I will still teach as if there were a hundred. Because if somehow my teaching impacts the life of one child for the better, it’s all worth it.


4 thoughts on “Day 2: Worth It?”

  1. Great is His faithfulness! Thank you for walking in God’s perspective and provision for these precious women for the sake of their children and grand children! God has given you a heart of campassion and tender love. Praying as He teaches in and through you! Brian is holding down the homefront well even when Kitty Whitty escaped and they hadn’t quite gotten the tick extracted yet! 🙂

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