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Day 1: A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to Peru

Ever been on a 9-hour roller coaster ride? I don’t recommend it.

Climb, dip, bump, jump. Swerve, curve, there’s a lurch. Only this roller coaster is miles high and flying 500 miles an hour, headed for Peru where I am to teach at a women’s conference.

I’m starting to wonder if this pilot was trained at Disney World.

The omelet my husband made this morning curdles in my stomach. I fish around in the pocket of the seat in front of me for a United gift bag. No bag.

I look at our team leader, Anna, next to me. She is calmly reading. I have no idea how she can even see the words. Dr Suess’s drawing from Green Eggs and ham where Sam calmly reads a book on a roller coaster has actually come to life.

Clearly she won’t need her gift bag. So I fish in her seat pocket and Voila! A gift for me. She smiles sympathetically.

Suddenly the plane plummets again and I’m going down. Down for the count.

Green eggs and ham have come to life in more ways than one. I suddenly feel a motherly hand on my back. Anna pats me kindly.

I remember Kim, a near stranger at the time, visiting me in the hospital after I had one of my babies. She held a trash can for me while I revealed the depths of my innards. She and I have been wonderful friends ever since.

Puking is bonding.

And that gives me great hope for my relationship with Anna. I think we will be fabulous friends. Forever.

Just 7-hours to go on this roller coaster ride, and if this is the start of my Peruvian adventure, it can only get better. Yes, things are looking up!

That is, if I can keep everything else down.


8 thoughts on “Day 1: A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to Peru”

  1. Kelly Stephens

    Praying for you everyday Heidi!! it actually can get worse. It can begin coming out the other end! Let’s pray against any more GI issues. 🙂 Love you!  Kelly Stephens Mary Kay Consultant 824 W. Pitcher St. Nevada MO 64772 417-667-5934


  2. Oh Heidi! What a way to start! Bonding takes on a different look when you’re in a plane I guess! 🙂 Praying here in TN with spreadsheet in hand to keep up with Brian/ boys activities and daily schedule! Press on in the Lord’s work in Peru!! You are covered in prayer!

    Basil in eggs?

  3. Oh Heidi! That does not sound like a fun beginning to your trip. Praying the rest goes better and is less of a thrill ride!

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