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Breast Cancer


As we say goodbye to October, we also say goodbye to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I am reminded of two years ago this fall when I wrote an essay as I anticipated a monumental event in my life.  I thought it fitting that I share it here and now.  It’s a little longer than my

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Sacred Community

Sirens blare and lights flash in our neighborhood outside my boys’ bedroom window, jolting me out of bedtime stories. I pull up the window to hear a woman wailing, wails that can only mean someone is experiencing something unthinkable. I bolt down the stairs, out the door, and up the street.  Is it Heather?  Melissa?  Ginny?

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Pink Party Power: Poured Into to Pour Out

As we bring another Breast Cancer Awareness month to a close, I’m remembering… Cindy. Seven years ago, just a few days before my scheduled preventative bilateral mastectomy, a woman I hardly knew named Cindy Kreidel threw me a “Pink Party.” Complete with encouraging gifts, delicious snacks, heartfelt prayers, and an unforgettable, side-splitting skit involving pairs

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Breast Cancer is Scary

Breast cancer is scary. Waaaay scarier than ghosts or goblins. This fall marks the 5-year anniversary of my positive test for the genetic mutation for breast and ovarian cancer, BRCA2, and my preventative double mastectomy. And as we wrap up Breast Cancer Awareness month today, I want to pay tribute to my friends and family

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When You’re Angry

As we continue through Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, we turn the pages of my new devotional, The Faith to Free-Fall, past the first chapter, “Shock,” to the second chapter- “Anger.” Though I wrote this devo specifically for women anticipating undergoing a mastectomy, I believe we’ve all been angry at times when things haven’t turned out the

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