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Breast Cancer is Scary

Breast cancer is scary. Waaaay scarier than ghosts or goblins.

This fall marks the 5-year anniversary of my positive test for the genetic mutation for breast and ovarian cancer, BRCA2, and my preventative double mastectomy. And as we wrap up Breast Cancer Awareness month today, I want to pay tribute to my friends and family who have encouraged me as they have fought their battle against this scary disease:

My mom and I

First, to my beautiful mom, Susan, who faced each new day with joyful courage, finally resting in Jesus’s arms as He carried her safely home

Vanessa – who reminded me that cancer can take a lot of things, but it can’t take away your ability to laugh

Linda— who bravely came out of the shadows to be embraced by the loving community of women in pink

Kim— a woman who, with her fabulous hats, bright colors and tie-dye, overflowed with the joy of the Lord

Angie— who fought her battle with quiet strength

Cindy—a woman of great faith who deeply encouraged me in my own journey

Sally— who endured chemo while pregnant with her son, was told she might only have 2 years to be his mom, and is a healthy, and happy mommy 4 years later

Diana and her radiant smile

Michele— a friend with a big heart of compassion and generosity and a big soul of faith

Patty— who walked with me in our neighborhood after my surgery and embraced me as a sister

Janet— who let me in to celebrate and mourn and fight with her in her ongoing battle

Diana— a friend who has vulnerably shared her story with so many and radiates joy and faith

Amanda— who paved the way for me with her great courage

Carla— who quietly trusted God in the midst of her fear

Kristin— a friend who has survived more pain than I can imagine, and now is 1-year cancer-free

My courageous friend, Deborah

Amy— who smiled every time I saw her and bravely leaned on Jesus, her family, and friends to carry her through

Deborah— who continues to fight this disease with every breath and every prayer, surrounded by the love of her community. Please pray for her.

To all my friends and family, and to my Lord Jesus, thank you for making the fight against breast cancer a lot less scary, knowing we are in it together.


P.S.  You never know when someone you love will be diagnosed. Be prepared. Order a copy of my devotional The Faith to Free-Fall: Preparing Your Spirit for Your Mastectomy to have on hand for when you need it to give to a friend or loved one. It’s just $7.  Click here for the Amazon link.



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