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Radio Show- The Quest: Part 2

The Symphony: A melding of offered talents and glorious sounds that together create something transcendent.

Giancarlo Guerrero & the Nashville SymphonyI’m usually just a watcher from the cheaper seats, a taker-inner, letting the music move me, a muse for my creative musings. I love it.

But I’ve never gone behind the curtain.  Never been backstage, or onstage.  I only see the finished work, not the zillions of little individual “yesses” that lead up to a gathered group of disciplined musicians and their instruments, directed by a visionary conductor to create beauty together.

That little word, “YES,” is powerful to set beauty in motion.

As I studied Genesis 24 last summer to write the radio show The Quest, for Fellowship Bible Church, I was suddenly aware of the zillions of little individual “yesses” in the story- the YES of Abraham’s servant to travel 2 weeks to a little town to find Isaac’s future wife, the YES of Rebekah to offer water to the servant and his camels, the YES of Rebekah’s family to take in the servant for the night, and the YES of Rebekah to leave her home to meet her new husband, sight unseen.

Those “yesses” set in motion a beautiful story that God orchestrated for His people. Not a perfect story, or a painless story, but a beautiful story of His love for us and His grace.

Nashville Symphony_photo by Mickey Dobo
Photo by Mickey Dobo

A story orchestrated by God.

To flesh out the analogy for the listeners of the radio show, I realized for Part 2 of The Quest I needed to interview a symphony musician, to hear first-hand how he said YES to audition, how the symphony said YES in inviting him to join them, and how he now chooses every day to say YES and practice diligently to stay at the top of his craft.

And so, one late summer afternoon, I found myself waiting at the stage door of the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and ushered backstage by Jeremy Williams, violinist, to hear his story. We sat in a little practice room and talked, with producer Ryan Mitchell recording.

Heidi and Jeremy williams

Jeremy was down-to-earth, sitting casually in a chair across from me with his violin in an open case behind him. He talked about how he moved to Nashville just for this, and how he’s now living his dream of playing with a state-of-the-art symphony.

As we wrapped up the interview, he asked, “Have you ever been onstage?” To which I replied, “No, but I’d love to!” And soon, I stepped out onstage, quite giddy for the opportunity to stand where such beauty is created. Ryan offered to take our picture, to which I said “Yes!”

Every one of us, like Jeremy, Rebekah, and the others you will hear in this radio show, is presented with opportunities to do something risky, something that stirs a bit of fear in us. But when we follow the Spirit’s promptings and say YES we then get to watch as God conducts us together to create His symphony of beauty and grace.

God’s Symphony– A melding of offered talents and glorious sounds that He creates into something transcendent.

heidi kim and jonathan riggs

Thanks to my friends who said “yes” to lend their voices and tell their stories for The Quest- Part 2:

Hosts: Kim Messer, Jonathan Riggs

Character voices: Robert Kiefer, JT Olson, Nan Gurley, Ang Johnson, Josiah Petak 

Interviewees: Curtis Sullivan, Jill Baird, Christina Stevens, Luke and Sandy Littrell…and Jeremy Williams.

And now, for your listening pleasure, here’s Part 2 of The Quest:



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