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After the Murder of George Floyd

after the murder of george floyd

After the murder of George Floyd, racial tensions rose to dramatic levels in America.

A man posted our Heart Perception page on Facebook, “I hope you make a statement in support of Black Lives Matter!”

For a moment, I was in a quandry. Of course, I believe that black lives matter. And brown lives and white lives and yellow lives and red lives. All lives matter. We are all created by God with one Father, which makes us all brothers and sisters, no matter our skin color. And besides, the Black Lives Matter organization has a liberal agenda. I’m a conservative. So, there was a part of me that hesitated to align myself with the, “Black Lives Matter” slogan.

Yet, today, when black Americans continue to fight marginalization and racial profiling, I decided it was important to stand up for them. To stand with them. It wasn’t so much a matter of aligning myself with a particular political agenda as it was standing up for what is good- the value of human life. Because my freedom is bound up with those who struggle to live free.

So, at the beginning of this difficult conversation with Kellie (my long-time friend and a liberal non-theist) I unequivocally stated that black lives matter. We then launched into wide array of related issues, such as Trump’s polarizing rhetoric, the current police force, riots, protests, abortion, and welfare.

It had been a few months since I had a conversation like this with Kellie, and looking back now, I think I was a bit out of practice in asking curious questions and listening well. Verbal sparring is easy, but asking curious questions and listening well? That’s hard. My voice rose to rather surprisingly heated levels at times. Later, I told Kellie that I thought she did a great job of staying self-aware, present, and reflective.

I might be a professional communication strategist, but these conversations put me right at the edge of my growth.

No one life matters more than any other one life. Yes, all lives matter. But, after the murder of George Floyd, I was reminded that no matter your politics, black lives do matter. Always.

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