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Faith to Say Goodbye

yellow rosesI scan my yellow rose bush for blooms that are past their peak.  Often, I pluck old blooms mindlessly, but today the task feels somehow wistful.  I pluck one, pressing the still-fragrant petals to my nose before dropping them onto the mulch.

I hate saying goodbye.  Goodbye to something beautiful, something good.

Three years ago my husband’s parents traveled across the country to move into our little town.  Some people would sweat at the thought, and knowing their in-laws, I don’t blame them.  But I will always believe God moved my in-laws here just for me during the toughest season of my life-  the pinnacle of which was saying my final goodbye to my own mom.  I desperately needed their support- and they graciously gave it.


Today, God is asking me to say goodbye again.  They’ve packed up their moving truck and are headed back up north to a great job offer.

I suppose it looks like I don’t need them here now.  That the storm has passed in my life.  That they completed their assignment.

And yet, I thought they were here for good.

I don’t understand God’s ways.

They stop in my driveway to say goodbye one last time. Words seem inadequate for all they have given to me, but I choke them out anyway. “Thank you. Please come back soon.”


I watch as their truck drives down the street, my eyes squint to see the last bit of yellow.

Why?  Why?

My eyes turn back to my yellow roses.   I grasp a bloom and watch its petals fall.  Why do I pluck a rose that still has fragrance left?  A rose that still offers color?  Why would I want to cut its time short?


And then I see it.  A new bud.  Fresh.  Ready to open at God’s command.

May we have the faith to believe that when God asks us to say goodbye, He is behind the scenes making something fresh, something new, something beautiful.  All we have to do is watch and wait…in faith.

7 thoughts on “Faith to Say Goodbye”

  1. Faith to Say Goodbye! Beautiful meaningful words Heidi! Thank you for loving us well! I am reading the blog now for the third time while sitting in our four season sun room in DeForest, WI. The sun room faces a grassy area at the back of our condo. There are also trees lining a small stream that is headed for a pond nearby! No roses 🙁 but I hope to get flower pots for the patio soon! Back to unpacking boxes! On location with a loving assignment from God! Miss you all very much! Love! Mom

  2. Thanks, Tony. By the way, I like your new tag-line, “Writing for Well-Being.” Funny how for us as writers, we write for our own well-being as well as the well-being of our readers!

  3. I love reading your blog. This one almost brought me to tears this morning. So thankful to see how God is working in your life! Praying for Brian’s parents in their new transition along with your family as you adjust to not having them in close proximity.

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