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Offering Our Baskets

Gifts.  A gift from the Giver.  We stand in a circle at the Christians in Theater Arts (CITA) Latin America 2012 conference, eyes wide, drinking in the creativity, the eagerness of 50 artists gathered in San Juan, Puerto Rico to share dreams, to train for transformation, to breathe deep of the gifts of the Giver.

And the next three days swirl together, awash with newfound inklings which spark the synapses, sweet communion of passions understood, and belly laughs ringing full of life and empathy.

We rub shoulders- theater artists, teachers, students, social workers, therapists, actors, directors, and writers- learn to listen well, play back plot and emotion, and empower the oppressed, scooping up new tools for healing.

We hope for change.

We encourage tentative pens to plant first ink on scripts, dragging forth stories that have lurked in dark and painful shadows long enough, now brought to light squinting, succumbing to the power of Redemption.

Gifts from the Giver tumble up, building, rising, quickening my heart until the moment.  Cupped hands lifted, tears streaming down faces, offering imaginary baskets of loaves and fishes to the Miracle Worker- the only One who can multiply our meager gifts to feed thousands.

And time freezes.

I savor the gift.  And fall to my knees to thank the Giver.

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  1. Such a beautifully accurate description, Heidi. I could see it all happening and wished I had been there with you.

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