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3 Tips to Motivate Kids to do Their Schoolwork

3 tips to motivate kids to do their schoolwork

Are you struggling to motivate kids to do their schoolwork? Well, not just kids in general, but specifically your own kids? Then this post is for you! The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to become homeschooling parents, much to our dismay. And, if you’re like me, you have a hard enough time figuring out how to be a good parent, let alone a teaching, homeschooling parent!

Many of us work and we just don’t have the time to sit with our kids for hours to make sure they do their schoolwork. So, I’ve been learning to engage my kids in coming up with their own solutions. Then, they take responsibility for themselves. How quickly we can forget that it’s THEIR homework, THEIR schoolwork- not ours.

If we think about it, learning how to motivate ourselves is a lifelong lesson. One day, our kids may be in a job they don’t like. Then, every morning they’ll have to motivate themselves to get up and go earn a paycheck. So, why not begin to give our kids the tools now to learn how to motivate themselves? If we do, we’ll be giving them a head start with a life skill.

So, if you’re struggling to motivate your kids to do their schoolwork, watch the video below. And then, see if you can implement at least one of the tips. I have a feeling, your kids will be glad you did!

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