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A Lot Like Skydiving

It feels a lot like skydiving, a bucket-list item my husband Brian and I checked off a few weeks ago, jumping out of a perfectly good plane at 14,000 feet into the unknown. Blue sky above, sea level far below. Wind slams violently against your skin, eyes can’t help but stream tears, hard to catch your breath while falling 120mph. Ridiculously crazy. And crazy exciting all at the same time.

In January, Brian received a text from one of his best friends, Rusty Hayes, who had recently moved his family from Chicago to pastor a growing church on the north side of Colorado Springs- The Ascent Church in Monument, CO. Brian and Rusty had been on staff together at Grace Church in Racine, Wisconsin over 20 years ago, and had remained close friends through the years.

Rusty asked, would Brian be interested in the position of Executive Pastor, leading the staff and elders headquartered in Monument, as well as be the campus pastor for the second church campus in north Colorado Springs? When I caught wind of the question, my two-word answer was “Absolutely Not.” I loved our lush, green little hometown outside of Nashville, and what about my vision of my boys graduating from high school with the same kids they went to kindergarten with? Besides, I had a relational and professional life I had built for 15 years and I didn’t want to start over. But the kicker was this- after a bad ski weekend of altitude misery in college, Colorado was the one place in the world I had always said I would NEVER live.

Ah, but God has a sense of humor, doesn’t He?

Over the next two months, I prayed, and God began to open my heart to at least be willing to consider the opportunity. I knew The Ascent Church needed a seasoned leader like Brian, but my one question was- did anyone in Colorado need me? (According to the Enneagram, I’m a Helper. Go figure.)
brown I25 coloradoWe flew out and interviewed in March. The drive south on I-25 from Denver to Colorado Springs was the brownest, most barren stretch of land west of the Sahara. Little piles of snow edged the frozen tundra, evidence of the multiple inches that fall all the way into May. Yeah, there were some mountains in the distance, and Brian assured me there were breathtaking waterfalls and National Parks just over the mountains, but coming from lush Middle Tennessee where my weeping cherry was already blooming in the front yard, the brown was a bit of an aesthetic shock. I prayed, “God, you are going to have to give me a fresh vision for beauty, because I don’t see any here.”

We stopped first at a Thai restaurant. Instrumental music was playing in the background. And not just any instrumental music. As we sat down, I be thou my visionrecognized the tune. It was “Be Thou My Vision.” Come on, really?

We had dinner that evening with Rusty and his feisty wife, Judi, quite the atypical pastor’s wife. Full of authenticity and life, they drew me in. I asked Rusty pointed questions about the value of women’s voices in his church. He passed the test with flying colors, assuring me that strong women would be an essential part of his senior leadership team.

We visited the church on Sunday morning. The people were warm and welcoming, the worship services sweet and joyful, full of truth and grace. And out of all of the songs they could choose for us to sing, the one that made me chuckle at divine providence was, “Be Thou My Vision.” Seriously?

After church, we enjoyed lunch with a delightful couple- leaders of a nonprofit ministry in Colorado Springs and former missionaries to southern Africa. He asked about my work as a communication trainer and wondered if my communication model could help his leaders? And perhaps his network of leaders of the other 200 nonprofits who are headquartered in the Springs? She told me of women in the area who had been burned in leadership and needed encouragement. And they both said the church worship services were ready for some creative, even dramatic, touches.

Yes, but did anyone really NEED me?

On our final morning, we toured Denver Seminary, where Brian had already planned 4 years ago to tackle his DMin. The program directors asked about my work and when I told them I teach Organizational Communication in the graduate leadership program at Williamson College, they handed me a course description for a new doctoral class. “We just added an Organizational Communication course, but we don’t have a professor yet. Is this something you could teach?”

Okay, okay. I get it.

And so, a few weeks ago, we said yes. Yes to God and where He is clearly leading. Yes to releasing my grip on my little lush hometown, my work, my precious friends, and my dreams for my boys. Yes to new eyes, fresh beauty, and yes, to skydiving- to letting God be my tandem partner to give me the courage to jump out of a perfectly good plane.

We will be packing the house and heading west in mid-July. It will be a wild skydive, for sure. But I won’t be jumping all the way to sea level. Just to 6,000 feet where I’ll be living indefinitely.

(To see my skydiving experience, click the link below. Unfortunately, the video of me actually falling didn’t record, so you’ll see Brian diving. But you’ll see me just before I jump out of the plane, and then when I land in the background.)

P.S. Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN, where my husband Brian has been on staff for 19 years, will be sending us off during the worship services of June 3-4, with receptions after each service in the Barn. If you live in the area, you are welcome to come by!

2 thoughts on “A Lot Like Skydiving”

  1. THANKS BE TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, Heidi! I have been out of town and so I missed your reception at Fellowship. I would have been there had I known.

    This is so exciting! I find great joy and Holy Spirit giggles when I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW God is leading and guiding me into a new segment of my life. I KNOW He is doing the same for the Petak Family. Prayers and love and hugs all around.

    You are going to CO based on God’s Word and God’s Word NEVER fails.

    LOVE!!! Jean Hevel

  2. I am thrilled for you. Tearing for me and for those of us who will be left behind. Continue blogging so I can keep up with the Petaks from afar. Love you guys.

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