Speak Eagle

A Response to the Nashville Statement Fallout

morning gloriesTo me, it is a line woven with love, with roses and morning glories

with all sorts of pleasures inside

Breathe-deep pleasures that delight the mind, body, and soul

Feeding relationships, health, beauty, deliciousness

Because the Line-Weaver knows that on the other side is hot asphalt

and careening mack trucks that slam and devastate

I love you,” he says

But the crowd is loud

A cacophony of rightness and wrongness and judges and juries

Affronted pens affix “FOUL” to the morning-glory-line like so many raised fists

Other pens affix “FAIR” and stamp it “DONE”

Labels fly, taping mouths shut, killing conversations

And gangs stand on either side

Me on mine

You on yours

All of us yelling

One mocks with blistered feet and hurls crash remains my way

And I catch a tire carcass and invite that one to come and sit

Perhaps it’s you

By me

With me

On the line

Eye to eye

I see you

You see me

In Our Town we do see each other

And we both know the “fixity of print” can be a less-than-super glue that halts the ebb and flow of conversation

So we share our storied stories, our yearning hearts

We listen

And fists unfurl

Because we are both human

Humans who are trying

Humans who are broken-hearted, worthy of love, and in desperate need of grace

I am not the Line-Weaver

I am merely the friend who loves

And I’m saving you a seat next to me

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