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9 Ways to Stop Singing the “Lava” Song

Right now, my husband is playing the “Lava” song on his computer. And my son has learned to play it on the piano. Just to torment me. The song has been stuck in my head for weeks. I wake up in the night with it in my head, I eat breakfast with it in my head, I hum it in my car and then slap myself immediately so I will stop.

What is the “Lava” song, you ask?

I was sitting in the theatre watching the previews for Inside Out and I was suddenly accosted by the 7-minute Pixar film of a lonely volcano who sings of his dream to “lava” a girl volcano. I say “accosted,” because it’s the only word I can think of that fits.

And then I teared up.  And I was completely annoyed with myself.  For crying out loud, it’s a love story between VOLCANOES.  (Of course, I then watched Inside Out and gained a new appreciation for tears- but I was still annoyed.  Oh wait…maybe that was the point…)

Since then, the song has been stuck in my head.

So, for those of you who are in the same boat, let me first say how sorry I am. I know your pain.

If you have not experienced the same pain but are curious as to what it might feel like, I dare you to listen to the song.

Here it is from YouTube:



Since you now need them, I humbly offer 9 ways to help you stop singing the Lava song:

  1. Wear a rubber band around your wrist. If you catch yourself singing the Lava song, snap it.
  1. Remind yourself that volcanoes don’t get lonely. Angry, perhaps, as we can see when they erupt, but lonely? No.
  1. Look up the word “lava.” See that it is red-hot molten rock that can get over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Lava will kill you. So, assure yourself that “I lava you” is not an affectionate expression.
  1. Commit to never using the word “lava” as a verb. It is a noun and must remain a noun.
  1. Post severe consequences for a child who might sing or play the Lava song within earshot of you, such as “Each infraction will require the rule-breaker to do 17 extra chores.”
  1. Post severe consequences for a spouse who might sing or play the Lava song within earshot of you, such as “Each infraction will require the rule-breaker to sleep on the couch for two weeks.” (I’m adding up Brian’s infractions. He’s up to 7.5 months on the couch.)
  1. Remind yourself that “abov-a” isn’t a word.
  1. Remind yourself there are worse songs to get stuck in your head. Like maybe “Karma karma karma karma karma cameleon…” (Yes, you can thank me.)
  1. Awww. Forget about it. You might as well keep on singing the Lava song. It will probably win a Grammy.


P.S. My husband’s computer is off now, but I just caught him whistling the song. Now he’s up to 8 months on the couch.

P.S.S. To the writers of the Lava song, be flattered. Your song clearly has an unforgettable hook. Thank you very much.

P.S.S.S. If you are annoyed I offered 9 ways and not 10, feel free to suggest the 10th one. I need all the help I can get.


Photo/Song/Video Credit:  Disney/Pixar

2 thoughts on “9 Ways to Stop Singing the “Lava” Song”

  1. My daughter and I took my grandchildren, ages 13 and 15, to see Inside Out. When the Lava song had finished, both of them turned to me and said in unison,”That was painful!” But we loved the movie!

    1. It’s funny how some people thought the Lava movie was the best part of the Inside Out experience. I totally respect their opinion, too. Different strokes for different folks 🙂

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