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Deeper- A Music Review

I pointed my finger indignantly at the black woman on the stage next to me, “I am not prejudiced!”

She tilted her head back and laughed, “Honey, we are all prejudiced!”

naimaheaderAnd that was how I first met Naima- in a play on a stage.  I would tell you she’s African American, but I have a feeling she would say, “Honey, I’m not from Africa!”

Black, buxom, and beautiful, Naima portrayed a character in “Join the Club,” a one-act play I had written and produced for Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, TN.  The play exposed my character’s self-righteousness, my prejudice, and my need for Jesus.

Offstage, my own prejudice was exposed as I wondered what Naima and I had in common.

But I wasn’t looking deep enough.

I discovered she was a writer.  She joined my writer’s group.  And then I looked deeper.

I learned how she loved her husband.  Jon.  And then I looked deeper.

I found out she had her PhD.  And then I looked deeper.

I saw how she was a worshipper of God.

And then I HEARD “Deeper.”

“Deeper”…the title cut from her new album.

“I gotta go deeper, deeper in Your heart…and I will live in the center of Your will.”

And as I listened to her voice, I couldn’t help but join her song.   Passionate, worshipful, longing for more.

If we’re all prejudiced, we might as well admit it and get on with being friends.  I, for one, don’t want to stay skin-deep.  I want to go deeper.

 To download or preview the song visit www. noisetrade.com/Naima. For more information about Naima visit www.facebook.com/ministryofnaima.


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