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Encouragement from a 3-year old

Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing.

This morning, I read in Psalm 15, “O Lord, who can abide in Your tent? Who can dwell on Your holy hill? She who walks blamelessly and does what is right and speaks truth in her heart; who does not slander with her tongue and does no evil to her neighbor.”

“Blamelessly” is a tall order. In fact, I’m pretty sure no matter how hard we try, we can’t live blamelessly. To always do what is right and always speak truth in our hearts, to never talk behind someone’s back and never do anything unkind to our neighbors or friends?


Thank God for Jesus. Since Jesus lived a perfect life, I can accept His forgiveness for my lack of perfection, hide myself under His righteousness, and then trust Him to give me the strength to do what would honor Him today.

For one of my friends, that means praying for the husband that has left her. For another friend, it means forgiving her mom for hurting her. For another, it means crawling out of her shame after drinking too much and lifting her eyes to Jesus, trusting that He will shower her with His grace and embrace her again.

For a 3-year old, it’s things like obeying parents and sharing toys that seem impossible. And today, for all of us, my son Justin has some encouragement. Watch this… [wpvideo I34JgnHk]

In case you miss any of the words, the lyrics to the song are:

“I can do all things, my God will help me.
I can do all things. God will make me strong.
Obey my mom. Obey my dad.
I can do anything!
Share my toys. Huggin’ my friends.
I can do anything!
I can do all things. My God will help me.
I can do all things. God will make me strong!
(copyright 2011 Amber Sky Records)

Encouragement from a 3-year old that we can do the right thing. And not just the right thing, but the really, really hard thing. You know, like surfing in the kitchen.

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  1. I’d like to follow you on your Blig but have
    No idea how to do it.

    This is Ms Mary from Promiseland MDO
    One of Justin’s Teachers.

    Thank You and Blessings,

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