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Here’s to Courageous Conversations

Heather stood at the door to her sister’s apartment, feeling like her heart would beat right out of her chest.  This was the moment she had prayed about, cried about, lost sleep over.  But it had to be done.  She took a deep breath…and knocked. “God, please help me,” she whispered.

The door opened.  Her sister Holly crossed her arms and looked at her flatly.  “Hey.  What’s up?”

“Well, um…I wanted to talk to you because…” Heather paused.  Could she really she say it?  She had to.  She bit her lip, then looked her sister. “I think you might have a problem…and…um…I really want to help you.”

Holly’s eyes narrowed. “I have a problem? You think you can just waltz over here and throw that in my face?  Obviously I’m not the one with the problem.”  SLAM!

Heather stood there in front of the closed door blinking back tears.  She had prayed too hard for this conversation to end this way!  What had gone wrong?

Every one of us is faced with the need to have courageous conversations- not just with our family members about personal issues, like Heather and Holly, but courageous conversations with those we work with, those we worship with, and those we rub shoulders with daily in our communities.

From hypocrisy in the church to race relations to the touchy topic of health care, we are all faced with potentially risky conversations that leave us weak-kneed and dry-mouthed, just imagining the fallout from voicing our opinions.

But what if we were taught communication skills to have courageous conversations in a way that actually builds into our relationships and makes them stronger?

At the upcoming C3 Conference at St. George’s in Nashville, March 7-8, I will be teaching communication skills for courageous conversations before each keynote address.  With the help of live actors, you will learn the most effective way to begin such a conversation, how to confidently voice your opinion, the most helpful attitude for listening, and the best way to wrap it up at the end.

And you won’t just watch!  You will experience it for yourself.  After the conclusion of each keynote address, participants will gather into small groups facilitated by a trained leader to practice their newfound conversation skills.

With a little help, a courageous conversation can start, not with the slam of a door, but a “Sure- come on in!”

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