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Our Christmas Miracle

Separated by pain
Despairing of reconciliation

Our arms cross
Like the walls we have built

Yet stealthily, sneakily, hope tiptoes in
Peeking around every corner of the heart
To find desire
It gathers the gray, meager fragments and offers them

The waiting seems endless
Year after year

And then
In an instant
The heavens open
And love comes down
Swooping in
Holding fragments once gray, now brilliant
Scattering light
Blowing grace-breeze

I turn my face to feel His forgiveness
Unaware, my arms uncross
My walls crack, crumble

Our eyes meet
We dare to hope
Dare we hope?

And then
In an instant
Love, light rushes over us
In us
And through us
Compelling repentant tears

And we embrace
No longer estranged.

My Christmas miracle.

I bask in the light.
The light, the star
The one quiet night
In Bethlehem
When in an instant
The heavens opened
Angels sang
And God came down.
No longer estranged.


Our Christmas miracle.

sunlight through clouds

Photo reprinted from Luciole Press Blog https://blog.luciolepress.com   © Angela Craggs

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