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Radio Show- The Quest: Part 1

Odds are…a church won’t take a chance on doing something oddly different in their services. Something that requires hundreds of image-oriented people to be quiet and listen, with nothing to see, for TEN MINUTES.radio-microphone

But after a brainstorming session with some creative minds in July, the leaders at Fellowship Bible Church in Nashville decided it was a chance worth taking. To tell a familiar story in a new way. A way that would engage the mind and capture the heart.

So…for the past two weeks, my church has played a radio show we titled, THE QUEST, during the worship service. (Actually, one of our teaching pastors, Lloyd Shadrach, came up with the title.) We’ve been going through the book of Genesis this year with the tagline “Trusting God makes sense, even when it doesn’t.”  The radio show tells the two-part story of Genesis 24 when Abraham sends his servant to find Rebekah.

And I was honored to write, cast, direct, and host it.

Odds are…I wouldn’t be able to find scientists to help write the scientific parts of the show. But thanks to my brilliant friends, Dr. Don and Jacque Obert, that was easy peasy.

Odds are…we wouldn’t be able to find a state-of-the-art studio that would believe in this project and donate time.  But thanks to Chris Brush and Mark Lange and their PlethoraTone Studio, we were given the red-carpet treatment.

Odds are…it would be tough to find a team of voice actors to help host the show and play all of the characters. But then again, we live in Nashville, one of the most artistic capitals of the world.

Legendary Voice Talent, Robert Kiefer

BIG THANKS to the following talented voices: Hosts Kim Messer and Jonathan Riggs; Voice actors Robert Kiefer, Ryan Mitchell, Mindy Johnson, Ang Johnson, JT Olson, and Jonathan Petak.

Finally, odds are…a producer wouldn’t be able to make all the voices, music, and sound effects work together seamlessly. But producer and audio engineer Ryan Mitchell did it…against all odds.

So…for your listening pleasure…here is Part One of THE QUEST, entitled, What are the Odds?  

(Or, if you would like to watch or listen to the entire service in which this radio drama played, click here and then click on A Wife For Isaac: Part 1.)

Stay tuned next week for Part Two!


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