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The Cup

It’s April 27, 2001, 7:30pm. In an old theater, a hope-filled boyfriend kneels on a stage floor and offers his girlfriend a ring and life together. She smiles, “Yes!”  Happy tears.

He pours juice into the cup, bought especially for this occasion. He breaks the bread. They share communion. Community. Communication. They share.

Wedding day.   The cup sits on a small table. They share communion. Community. Celebration.

The days become years of communing, communicating. Sharing moments, children, life. Neighbors and guests share bread. Community.

In the kitchen the cup sits, right in the center of it all.  Grilled cheese sandwiches, sack lunches, sibling fights, freeze tag. Family. Communing. Communion.

On Sunday mornings, they again share communion- savoring the bread, drinking deep the cup, sharing the suffering of Christ.

On Sunday nights they share community. Faith. Hugs, Scripture, encouragement between friends.

It’s April 27, 2014, 7:30pm.  13 years later. In our carpeted living room, my hope-filled husband again pours the cup. I break the bread. We offer the symbols of sacrifice to 5 young couples- the last night of our marriage-mentoring community group. We have all been blessed by shared life, Scripture, communication.


Each dips the bread into the cup, thanks God for the gift of Jesus. His body. His blood. Our forgiveness. His pouring grace that washes over relationships.  Marriage.

From the earliest communion of my marriage, the cup was there. It’s part of our story, our communicating, our communing.  And it’s still here.

But now, not only do we commune with Christ and with each other, we are honored to offer the same cup to our community. Celebrating marriage. Cheering others on to share, to communicate, to commune.

Central, life-giving, grace.

The cup of communion.

6 thoughts on “The Cup”

  1. Carole Virden

    Dearest Petaks– Beauty is what comes to mind when I think of you both. The Cup you share has overflowed into our lives in countless occasions. Most recently it was last night– during an evening when senior girls spoke blessings on one another. Amanda Lang and Valerie Mullinax have shepherded these young women for the past 6 years. Our girls had a front row seat to watch their courtships, weddings, and lives of early marriage. Toward the end of the evening, Amanda charged each woman to pray for and week connection in the Body in the college season. She paused to remind them that her and Steve’s marriage would not be what it is without their mentorship group. Your couple’s group. I smiled– knowing that once again the Cup had overflowed on my daughter, on our family, through the Petaks.

    Xoxoxoox. Cheering you on and encouraged by your lives– Carole


    1. Thank you, Carole! Amanda is a faithful servant to pour His grace over her group of girls- including your daughter. God pours into us that we might pour into others- just as you have poured into my life.

  2. Once again Heidi, I am a piece of work! Four words into this and I had tears rolling down my face. I am a forever grateful Mother & Mother-in-law! Thank you Lord Jesus! Love, Mom

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