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Last week I spoke at the Global Summit on “Symbolic Power.” Sounds heady. But it’s really simple.

Take a trip with me through a few of my favorite symbols…

Symbols:  God-given elements of communication that we can use to represent something deeper-

to create a link between the physical and spiritual worlds to point to Jesus.

Like Thirst.


Two days in the desert. Cracked lips. Parched tongue. You squint, looking ahead. Could that be a glass?

Oh, yes! A glass of water! Life-giving water! You imagine it wetting your lips, filling your mouth and going down cold.

Water to a thirsty body.

Yet, you bring it to your lips, only to discover…no water, only sand.

Thirst. A word begun by a vertical line, followed by a horizontal line, put together to form the symbol, “t.”


Thirst. Like Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year,

which follows immediately after the most thankful, contented day of the year.

Insatiable thirst.


But it’s just sand.

Or mud.  Mud in the hair and the ears of a helpless, had-way-too-much-fun little boy,

needing cleaning, needing water. His mom can clean the mud. Only One can clean his soul.

jonathan mud


A thirsty people, cracked lips, parched tongue. Not just two days waiting.  But 700 years.

And then suddenly…He’s here!


The Living Water.

No more sand.  Thirst. Quenched.

Years later, He tells the Samaritan woman, “If you drink the water I give you, you will never be thirsty again.”


And the two lines that make the t in the word, “thirst,” are also another symbol, the cross.

The symbol of transformation.

The symbol that represented death for some but actually means life for all who believe.

white t crossedited sunset crosswater cross

Life. Living Water.

The cross is the ultimate forgiveness, the ultimate redemption.  Look closely- the word “thirst” has within it two crosses.  The first, what our soul yearns for- the beginning of thirst- and the last- what alone satisfies- the end of thirst.

When a holy God gave Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for our sin.  Making a relationship with Him possible.

Making human forgiveness possible.

Like the story printed in the November 2014 issue of World magazine

about a boy who killed his friend. In need of forgiveness.

Incredibly taken in by the parents of the boy he killed.

Like my Heavenly Father who now invites me in.

Life-giving forgiveness.



The living water rains down as snowflakes, covering rusty cars, sin and brokenness.

A blanket of white righteousness.

snow on junkyard


And now in this season we catch snowflakes on our tongues

and thank God for the Living Water,

His present,

His presence,

that satisfies our thirst.

4 thoughts on “Thirst”

  1. Heidi…I couldn’t help but think how the word thirst begins and ends with that incredible vertical and horizontal line, the beginning – thirsty..the end thirst satisfied because of the Cross. Beautiful imaginative and real! Thanks for writing it down – God’s gift to you and your gift to many.

    1. Oh my goodness, yes! I never thought of that. What a beautiful picture, Margie! Thank you. Would you be okay with me adding your idea to this post?

  2. So thankful for our thirst quenching Redeemer. You put the story into very beautiful words and paint a verbal picture that has the reader thirsting for a drink from our Savior. God bless you and your darling family.


    1. Thank you Rhonda! That’s exactly what I was hoping to do. I’m thankful for the gift of the symbols. Give my love to Stan and have a wonderful Christmas!

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