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Three Wise Guys

Three wise guys

A.K.A. Magis

Used their eyes

To search the skies

Not for French fries

Or apple pies

But for a prize

In the skies

A star!


They theorized

And asked their whys

With no replies

So the three did rise

And packed supplies

Said their goodbyes

To their wives

Traveled lows and highs

Under the moonrise

Searched like spies

And followed the prize

With their wise eyes

Stopped at a low rise

Not a high rise

And found the pint-sized true prize

A baby’s cries!

The worshipping Magis

Gave gifts of great size

Then fearing Jesus’ demise

From an angel’s word wise

They said their goodbyes

And did devise

A route revise

And went home to their wives.

So when we have whys

With no replies

Let’s look to the skies

Fix our eyes

On Jesus the prize

And seek Him still

Like those three wise guys.

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