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You Try Being a Voiceover Artist- and a Mom

As you probably know, having a career and being a parent has its challenges.

photo 1Yesterday, my 10-year old son and our 7-year old friend, and I went to the Word studios on Music Row in downtown Nashville to record character voices for an upcoming Christmas musical I just finished writing for Word.  (Other people wrote the music; I wrote the script.)

My son was giddy.  As a budding actor, he jumps at the chance for new acting experiences- and making money- and tested his mic by burping into it.  photo 3Our 7-year old friend was also giddy, and giggled every time my son burped.  photo 2

I was trying very hard to look professional, as I had never met any of the other writers or producers on the project.  I smiled, trying to look light-hearted, “Honey, let’s be quiet now.”

When it came time to record their parts, they did a fantastic job, and it actually was a sweet mommy/son memory.  photo 4When they were done, my son enjoyed standing on the other side of the window in the control room, making faces at me while I recorded the lines of my character.

But at least we were in a studio and there was a window between us.  If I’m at home and recording, I have to say words in between basketballs bouncing off my office wall (there’s an indoor hoop on the other side of it), and stop and re-record every time one of my boys has a question.

A few years ago, I was working under a deadline to record a voiceover for a V8 commercial while my youngest was at home.  It seemed nearly impossible.  The following recording now stands forever as my best example of what it’s like to juggle a career and parenthood.  I posted it a long time ago, but it’s worth posting again. And at the end of the recording, I’m still not sure if that was thunder or a rumble in somebody’s little pants.   (click on the white triangle in the audio bar below to hear the recording)


2 thoughts on “You Try Being a Voiceover Artist- and a Mom”

  1. Ummm…. not only is the voice over talent amazing…. but that was an incredible example of parental patience… LOVE!!

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