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Turrets, Packers, and Being Known

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My husband, Brian, asked me to marry him on our 4th date. That’s crazy. We didn’t even know each other.

And I said yes, which is even crazier.

He had no idea I couldn’t throw a Frisbee straight to save my life, that I like houses with turrets, dark chocolate covered cranberries and playing word games late into the night. cheesehead cake

I had no idea he liked the Packers so much that the groom’s cake would be a cheesehead.

This week we celebrated our 13th anniversary. It’s 12 noon and he says, “Pack a bag and hop in the car.”

What? What about our responsibilities? What about our four boys?

Our four boys wave, “Bye, Mom!” and walk out of the house with their own overnight bags, scattering to various houses in the neighborhood.

Brian smiles.

I pack my bag and get in the car.

Where are we going? He fakes a turn towards the airport but keeps heading east on the interstate. Nope. Not flying anywhere.

We drive over hill and dale for nearly 3 hours. (Anyone know what a dale is? Me neither.)

A sign reads, “Welcome to Kingston.” Where in the world are we going?

Soon, we turn past another sign, “Whitestone,” and head up a steep hill.  He says, “Remember this?”

Uh, remember what?  I don’t remember much.  In fact, it all looks pretty new to me. But then, I’ve had 4 boys who sucked out my memory cells through osmosis. They now have fantastic memories. Go figure.

Wait.  Whitestone?  You mean the bed and breakfast where we stayed on our first anniversary when I was very pregnant with the first little guy? The staircase where you gave me a boost and thereby invented “The Husbavator?” turret

We check in at the desk. The woman gives us a map and points out the house where we’ll be staying. My eyes grow wide. The house has a turret.

“We’re staying in a house with a turret?!”

Brian just smiles, drives to the house, pulls our luggage inside and up the stairs. We stop outside a door. He turns to face me.

“We aren’t just staying in a house with a turret. We’re staying in the turret!”

My eyes fill with tears. “You know me! You really know me!”

He’s weepy, too. “I do. I know you.”

That night, he asks me to close my eyes and places a bag of dark chocolate covered cranberries in my hands. And then, when I’m perfectly satisfied just basking in the deliciousness, he takes something else out of his duffel bag- my favorite word game- Quiddler. photo-8

That night, we play.  And… I beat him.

It’s both wonderful and scary to be known. Curt Thompson writes in Anatomy of the Soul, that to be known is one of our deepest desires and greatest fears. In being known, we affect others and give them the power to affect us in return.

Yet, “to be known is one of God’s passions” because “it’s only through this process of being known” that we come to know ourselves, learn to know others, and ultimately, know and are known by God.

Let’s be intentional at knowing others. And then communicate to them that they are known. Known and loved.

Next year, it’s my turn to plan our anniversary. I could learn to play Frisbee for the occasion, I mean, “Disc Golf,” (she says, making quotation marks with her fingers).

Or…I have a better idea.  I wonder if Lambeau Field would let me pitch a tent at the 50-yard line?  Talk about weepy.lambeau field

4 thoughts on “Turrets, Packers, and Being Known”

  1. Love this, Heidi! The audio recordings are my favorite. Makes me feel like I’m sitting at the table next to you as you share a story with me. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wonderful writing skills!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I’m glad you like the recordings. I have fun doing them. Thanks for always being such a sweet encouragement to me!

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