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What Christmas is All About


christmas-911251I’m done. Done rushing, done shopping, done stressing. I’m now taking deep breaths to remember what Christmas is all about. To rest in the beauty and grace of God. To read the story in Luke 2, to gaze at the manger, wonder at God’s strange way to save the world, and to worship.

Despite the stress of the season, I’m a big lover of Christmas. I love the open houses, the visits with family and friends, the celebration of birth and life. I love it that my grocery store and even Walmart plays songs about my Savior 24/7. I love the twinkling lights, the magic and wonder, the spirit of generosity.

One friend in Northwest Arkansas told me she helped to organize a “Kindness basket-690778Crusade” in which a group of moms and their kids did as many random acts of kindness as they could in one afternoon. They gave out handwarmers, brought treats to the police station, and even ding-dong-ditched groceries at low-income apartments.  Incredible.

And all because God set the example of giving by giving us Jesus so long ago.

When I need to remember what Christmas is all about, I like to watch Linus’s speech in Charlie Brown Christmas. And since my youngest son is old enough to read, but young enough to sound like Linus, I asked him to record this snippet for you. So, when you’re all done rushing, shopping, and stressing, take a moment to listen, remember, and smile.

Merry Christmas!

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