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Downright Embarrassing

Some things are downright embarrassing.

Like when you are carrying around a large item at Bed, Bath and Beyond and a clerk offers to get you a cart.  It just happens to be the squeakiest cart in the world.

Or when you tell a sports fan you remember when your high school marching band performed at halftime at a Dodger’s game.

subway carOr when you step inside a very crowded subway car just before the doors close, only to have them close on your hair braid.

Or when you buy cute little packages of gum in a foreign country while on a missions trip to give to your family as stocking stuffers, and discover you bought “family planning” items instead.

Not that any of those things has ever happened to me.

But as embarrassing as those things are, nothing has the ability to embarrass us more than our own children.

Like when one of your kids exclaims to the Target clerk, “Wow!  You are really old!”  Or when another asks a businessman with naturally rosy lips, “Are you wearing lipstick?”

The other day I took my 4-year old grocery shopping.  He stared open-mouthed at the elderly store greeter. “Look at that!  You’ve sure lost a lot of teeth!”

I wanted to crawl in a hole, but I didn’t see one nearby.  So I just smiled instead.

For my son, losing a tooth would be cause for applause.  He’s almost positive he has a loose one and tries to wiggle it often.  wiggling toothLosing multiple teeth?  That would be cause for a serious dance party.  Just think of the bank you could make off the tooth fairy.

The clerk smiles broadly, revealing more than a few spaces.  “Yep!  I’ve lost a lotta teeth.  Guess I better go look for ‘em.”

My son looks at him quizzically.  “Well, didn’t you put them under your pillow?”

“Hmmm. That’s an idea,” he says. “I’ll hafta check there when I get home!”

At least he was a good sport and played along.

My husband, on the other hand, will never let me forget there is no halftime in baseball.  But that’s okay, because the next time we visit a certain store, I know of a cart with his name on it.

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