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What Does the Bunny Say?

Fuzzy“Ding!”  My eyes fly open.

“Ring-ding!”  What in the world is that noise?

“Ring-ding-ding!”  I roll over and look at the clock.  It’s 5am.


Is there a fox in my backyard?

I tear downstairs and out the back door.  “Ding!”  I look around wildly.

And then I see him.  Not a fox, but Louie.  Our lop-eared, very large rabbit in his cage.

Wait a minute.  Rabbits don’t say “Ding!”

And then he does.  Using his nose, he slams his ceramic food dish against the side of his wire cage.  “Ring-ding!”

It’s 5:02 am.  I pour pellets into his food dish. “You’re welcome,” I mutter.  He does not say thank you.

I head back upstairs to bed.

Grrrr.  Couldn’t he wait till 7 and then ask for breakfast politely?

Ever since we got him, Louie has struggled with communication.  When we brought him inside for a brief change of scenery and set him on a training pad, he hopped over and peed on a rug.  I tried to explain to him that was not acceptable.  He just wrinkled his nose and looked oblivious.

When we blocked off the living room with a gate, he snuck through, went straight to Mr. McGregor’s garden and bit right through the I-Pod cable.

I gave him a stern talking-to and put him back in his cage.  He didn’t even blink.

And now this.

Food-dish slamming at 5am.

I crawl back in bed.

Suddenly, I smile.  Hey!  Louie finally communicated something!

And who can blame him for his method?  Unlike the dog that goes woof and the cat that goes meow, the rabbit was not endowed with very many communicative options by his Creator.  So he resorted to his only option:  food-dish slamming.

Then there’s us.  I’m glad we humans are endowed with so many communicative options that we don’t ever slam things in attempt to communicate what we need.  You know, like cupboards, doors, phone receivers.  No, we just calmly ask for what we need, right?  Right.

Ah yes, may it be so.

Thanks to Ylvis, the fox now has many communicative options.  Not only can he say “Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!” but he can also say, “Bay-budabud-dum-bam” and “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!”

Which honestly, at 5am, makes me glad I only have a bunny.

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