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Through the Eyes of a 10-year Old

When my 10-year old son and I set out for a fall break road trip, headed to Michigan where I had to attend a board meeting, it wasn’t quite what I expected.

I expected him to be frustrated when, 15 minutes into our trip, I realized I forgot my driver’s license.  But he shrugged and said, “All we have to do is go back and get it!”

U-turn sign.svg

I expected him to be disappointed when, after driving for 5 hours, we got to the Ohio River too late to actually see it.  But he smiled towards the Kentucky lights on the other side and said, “We’ll get to see it in the morning!”

I expected him to think our hotel room smelled musty.  But he took out the IPad to play checkers with me and said, “This room is just plain history!”

I expected him to be sad when our restaurant didn’t have the salmon we had dreamed together of eating.  But he turned his napkin into a piece of coral and said, “They have great cod and spaghetti!”napkincoral

I expected him to be disappointed when, after walking out of our hotel in the morning, we still couldn’t see the Ohio River because of the fog.  But he said, “Wow!  I’ve never seen fog like this!  And we can still see 5 feet of the river!”fog

I expected him to be annoyed sitting through a 9-hour board meeting with me.  But during the lunch break, he zipped up his hoodie and said, “Mom, board meetings are supposed to be boring!”hoodie

And when asked what was his favorite part of the trip, I thought for sure he would say ziplining in Indianaziplining

or apple-picking in Toledo.  applepickingBut he didn’t.  He said, “Spending time with you, Mom.”trip

12 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of a 10-year Old”

    1. I know! I keep reminding myself to have a good attitude, especially on our family outings when things don’t quite turn out the way I expected! Of course my son would call me on it if I didn’t! Good accountability! Ha!

  1. That was a wonderful memory you made with him. He knows he is loved for who he is. That is more important than anything else. But it didn’t hurt for me to tell him really early in his life, “Life’s tough. Get used to it.”

      1. He is a legend, yes. I’ve been a fan since 1982 (hence my e-mail address). I saw him 6 times in his hey day and they were each amazing concerts. I hear from people still deeply moved when they see him in concert. I’m glad he’s reaching so many new fans. But, it breaks my heart to see him so old and fragile now.

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