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How to Pray Without Ceasing

It was going to be a tough phone call.  I dialed, put the phone up to my ear to wait for the other line to pick up and said, “God, please help me.”

I heard a gasp.  My son’s eyes were as wide as paper plates. “You know God’s phone number?”

I laughed.  And then I was tempted to say, “Yes!”  My boys still think I know everything.  I’ve heard there are years ahead when they’ll think I don’t know anything, so I’d better enjoy it.

The fact is, however, I don’t talk to God enough.  I know it because there are times when I worry.  And if I were talking to Him, there wouldn’t be room in my brain for worry.  Instead, I would be trusting, abiding.

John 15 tells us to “abide” in Christ.  That’s always been a bit of an enigma to me.  What in the world does it mean to abide?  I looked it up.  It means “to continue, to remain, to stay.”

I don’t stay anywhere for long these days.  As one friend said the other evening as I spied on one son dancing, hunted two vanished sons, and fielded texts from another son, “I’ve been watching you.  You’re always moving.”

Fielding texts  That reminds me.  I do continue, remain, and stay connected to something continually:  my cell phone.

I text.  I check to see if someone texted me, glance at Facebook, edit photos, post photos, answer email, check to see if anyone emailed, listen to voicemail, delete voicemail, check to see who texted me back, and check to see what that “ding” was.

And I have a feeling you do it, too.  Continually.  Without ceasing.

Scripture tells us to pray without ceasing.  We quickly shrug that admonition aside, thinking, “Yeah, right.  That’s impossible!”

But what if something we already did without ceasing prompted us to pray…without ceasing?

What if every time we reached for our cell phones we said a prayer?  Not a long, perfectly-worded prayer, but a “breath prayer?”  A prayer that takes as long as an exhale?

A “Father, please comfort Kelly,” prayer, or a “Lord, give our leaders wisdom” prayer, or a “God, please help me trust You” prayer.

I’ve been doing it lately.  Reach, pray, then touch phone.  It’s becoming a habit.  And sometimes I decide I don’t even need to touch my phone.  I just keep praying.

It’s revolutionizing my prayer life.  Try it.  It just might revolutionize yours, too.

God knows we need to pray.   Without ceasing.  Especially me.

The other line picks up.  A woman’s voice answers coldly, “Hello.”

“Hi.  It’s Heidi.”

“Hi.  Do you know what name your son just called my son?”

“Yes, I heard.  I’m very sorry.  I will walk my son down to your house and he will make it right.”

“Thank you.”

I hang up and tell my son it’s his turn to call God because he definitely needs help.  And after some prayer we’ll take a walk down to the neighbor’s house and work on humility and repentance.

If the cell phone prompt doesn’t work for you, I know another great way of learning to pray without ceasing:  Try having four boys.

And I know right now you are thinking, “Yeah, I’ll stick with the phone idea.  Thanks.”

2 thoughts on “How to Pray Without Ceasing”

  1. Beautiful and timely and full of thought as usual Heidi! 🙂 God does that through your writing! Thank you! Prayerfully!

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