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Expect Highs. Expect Lows. Expect the Unexpected.

When your son’s baseball team wins the regional All-Star Championship tournament,
that’s a High.
Baseball Champ

When your same son accidentally tags his little brother in the eye with a baseball bat immediately after the game,
that’s a Low.

When, a few minutes later, that same son accidentally runs full tilt
into a parallel bar on the playground
with his left cheekbone,
that’s a Low.

When, the next morning, you discover the result of another son forgetting to do his chore
of taking the big garbage can to the curb for the 3rd week in a row
is a can crawling with hundreds of maggots,
that’s another Low.

And when a son places a live creature with pincers
next to your ear at a crawfish boil,
that, my friends,
is an Unexpected.

Surprised by a Crawfish
My advice to parents:
If you can expect the Highs, expect the Lows,
and expect the Unexpected,
you should be just fine.

Except…when the Unexpected is getting a mile down the road and glancing behind you to find one car seat empty because you accidentally left a kid at home.

But that has never happened to me.  Not this past Sunday.  Not on the way to church.
Nope.  Not. Me.

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