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Memories, How They (Don’t) Linger

It’s Sunday morning. I open my eyes at 7:45.  For a mother of four boys, that’s sleeping in.  And it’s fabulously gloriously wonderful.

As I get ready for church, my husband, Brian, makes me a delicious veggie omelet – my favorite- and sets it on the bathroom counter for me to enjoy at my leisure.  “Thanks, honey!  Be sure to help the little boys reach their shirts with collars!” I suggest, as he leaves the room.

On the drive to church, he recounts a Facebook post that morning that one of his friends with two kids had written, tongue-in-cheek: “This is my day.  Brew my coffee and brew it strong.”  We chuckle.  That’s what we would expect from his funny friend on Father’s Day.

Yup.  People post all kinds of funny stuff on…Father’s Day.

Father’s Day.  Suddenly it hits me, right between the eyes- Father’s Day!  I grab my dear omelet-making husband’s arm.  “Today is Father’s Day!  Happy Father’s Day!”  Brian’s eyebrows go up and he smiles knowingly.

I whirl around to the four boys behind me, barking, “Boys!  Today is Father’s Day!  Say Happy Father’s Day to daddy!”  They all say it in unison.

You can forget your keys, you can forget your cell phone, but don’t forget a major holiday.  You will never live it down.  Even my 4-year old told his Sunday school teacher, “My mommy forgot it was Father’s Day.”  Like attempting to serve your family tofu burritos, some memories will linger for decades to come.

But then, if we’re over 40, our memories obviously need all the lingering help they can get.  I speak for myself.

Sigh.  Please pass the ginseng.

2 thoughts on “Memories, How They (Don’t) Linger”

  1. You are precious Heidi!!!!! 🙂 You can forget your cell phone and your keys and Father’s Day(momentarily of course!)…Just don’t forget one of the boys! Ha! 🙂

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