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I’m Not a Hater

It’s the day after the election. Emotions are running high. Communication is super-charged with megaphonelabels and insults, as articles and posts on social media are calling Trump-supporters uneducated, haters, bigots, and racists.

But wise communication and the future of our great nation calls us as American citizens to believe the best about each other and to lace our speech with kindness and grace, no matter who sits in the Oval Office.

To give you a window into the mind of one Republican, I voted for Trump, not because I’m uneducated and not because I wanted to reinforce the glass ceiling for women. As a woman with a Ph.D., I believe women have the right to occupy the highest seats in the land. Someday I hope to vote a woman into office who stands on a platform that loves the things I love.

And I voted for Trump not because I’m a hater, a bigot, or a racist.

loveIn fact, I’m a lover. A lover of my Muslim friends, my African American friends, my Hispanic friends, my LGTB friends, and my friends who don’t share my faith. I’m a lover of my friends and relatives who cast their vote for a different candidate. I respect you and your right to be different than me. And I believe we can have civil conversations and listen and learn from each other.

I voted for Trump because I’m a lover. Not a lover of Trump and his arrogant, disrespectful, immoral ways, but a lover of the values of the Republican platform:

I’m a lover of our Constitution, written by our founding fathers as an enduring covenant.

I’m a lover of the distinction between right and wrong, friend and foe, and I long for our country to stand against evil in all its forms.

I’m a lover of future generations and want to decrease the national debt for the sake of my children and my children’s children.embryo-159691

I’m a lover of life. I believe, along with our constitution, that no one, no matter how small, should ever “be deprived of life” in the United States of America. As such, I believe in the inalienable rights of unborn children of all abilities who grow strong and hopeful today in their mother’s wombs.

I’m a lover of the rights of women for unplanned pregnancies. I believe in funding for ultrasounds and adoption and I believe financial responsibility should fall on both the mother and the father.

I’m a lover of wise trade agreements that put America first and wise economic plans that support innovation and keep power in the hands of the citizenry.

I’m a lover of marriage and my freedom to define marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman.

I’m a lover of transparency and believe that all institutions should be subject to accountability, including the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the person in the Oval Office.

church-1554989I’m a lover of necessary reforms that put taxpayers first- in healthcare, agriculture, and government.

I’m a lover of the freedom of religion and believe in the safeguarding of that freedom from government control.

Finally, I’m a lover of Jesus, and believe that with evangelical Mike Pence in the second seat, there’s a much better chance that my values will be upheld.

My vote went Red not because I’m a hater, but because I’m a lover.


P.S. Feel free to comment respectfully below, or even better, let’s have a conversation. A conversation in which we believe the best about each other. The future of our nation depends on it.


7 thoughts on “I’m Not a Hater”

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  2. Hi Heidi — I believe you. 😉 This was a great post. We desperately, desperately need thoughtful dialog on the great divide that has consumed this nation.

    Can you talk a bit about how you feel Trump’s personality/temperament will play out in the presidency? Both at home and abroad — its impact on foreign relationships and world order, its impact on democratic processes in this country, his ability to build coalition in an environment governed by checks and balances (completely unlike his usual environment).

    I’ve found the lack of concern very surprising — not just on your part, but that of all his supporters.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Keith. It’s an interesting question and I’ve thought a lot about it.

      I agree that Trump is a wild card in terms of his personality/temperament. He has been a bulldog in the past and I’m sure will have his bulldog moments in the future. From what I understand, however, he is growing in his ability to be diplomatic. He had a gracious meeting with the president of Mexico and has had other meetings on US soil where he was also gracious. I assume he has many advisors helping him to navigate these waters of diplomacy and grow in this area, and that gives me hope. It also seems that most Americans feel Obama was not respected highly by world leaders and became pretty predictable in foreign affairs. Perhaps Trump will keep leaders on their toes and help to restore that respect quotient with his successful business acumen and outspoken personality.

      As for his ability to build coalition, I can only hope that his sentiment in his speech last night about unity and the cold reality that without coalition he will have a hard time accomplishing anything lasting will help to drive his US diplomacy once in office. Interestingly, Obama has signed 235 executive orders so far without building coalition, George W Bush signed 291, and Bill Clinton signed 364, so it seems our most recent presidents haven’t really set a precedent for it.

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