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Thoughts on my Upcoming Conversation with a Democrat

tough conversationsAfter my post-election blog entry, I’m Not A Hater, received a firestorm of comments last week, I fully expected to be unfriended by one old high school friend in particular. However, my Democratic friend completely surprised me by instead writing a message over the weekend to ask if I would be interested in hosting a workshop with her one day where we would get people together from both sides of the political fence to explore new ways of connecting through conversation that transcend our differences. She asked if we could talk on the phone on Wednesday- this morning.

In anticipation of our call, we each recorded a video, revealing our fears and hopes for our conversation. I’m posting mine here. I recorded it on Monday of this week.

At some point, you’ll be able to follow our journey on a YouTube channel we are creating, as I want you to be able to see her videos, too, as well as the recording we will create of our Skype call this morning and future videos of our process.

My hope is that our journey will encourage you to face your fears and explore new ways of connecting conversationally with your friends and relatives – spanning the gulf that divides so many of us in America during this difficult season.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on my Upcoming Conversation with a Democrat”

  1. Heidi,

    Awesome video. I think you nailed what most of us Conservative Christians are feeling right now. I feel blessed to know both of you amazing and passionate ladies.

    I fear the other side, the liberal side, will not stop to listen to how we felt, what our fears were should Hillary have won. Because, as many commentators have said, we, the Conservative Christians, the middle class Republican Americans, we haven’t been heard in a really long time…we focus on the wealthy, we focus on the underprivileged, we focus on everyone but us. And along comes a guy who said, “I see you…I hear you”.

    I will pray for a heartfelt, civil discussion between the two of you and I look forward to finding out how it goes. I also hope and pray that one day we will find a way to fill this great divide that has overcome our Nation…even if just a little.

    Much love (to you both) and many prayers,

    1. Thanks, Buffy! I just hung up from our Skype call and it really was an amazing time of listening to each other’s hearts. It can be done. But it takes two people who want connection more than they want to prove each other wrong. That’s rare in our country right now. Thanks so much for writing your thoughts here and for your prayers.

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