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Rosemary Khamati Helps Warring Tribes Reconcile

Reconciliation. Not an easy word. It’s long, tough to get your mind around, and even tougher to get your arms around. In fact, if you listen to it, it has the word “silly” in the middle.

Sometimes our attempts at reconciliation seem downright silly. Preposterous. Crazy. That’s what I feel some days on this journey with my Seattle friend, Kellie. Not silly because I don’t value pursuing peace between conservatives and liberals. Silly because some people seem to think it’s crazy – not to mention impossible to achieve.

rosemaryBut then, on Monday evening I heard Rosemary Khamati’s story. She’s the Africa Director of Peace International and a brave leader who took a risk in facilitating peacemaking sessions in Uganda with pastors from the Dinka and the Nuer, two tribes who have been at war for decades. She was told she was signing her death sentence by agreeing to facilitate such a meeting. But Rosemary believed them when they said they desired to reconcile, to live as brothers under the same tribe of God. She believed God that peace was possible, and said, “That’s how silly I am.” (Listen for it in the video clip below.)

The photo above of a Nuer and a Dinka, one arm around the other, is proof that peace can happen. And while we might look at them and think we have progressed so far beyond tribalism, in a nation divided into two tribes -red and blue – we need hope that we, too, can find unity and reconciliation.

The idea of reconciling the irreconcilable might seem a little laughable. A little silly. But come to think of it, that’s God in a manger, isn’t it? Preposterous. Crazy. For the sake of reconciliation. Reconciling us to Himself. For good.

That’s Christmas.


(To watch Rosemary tell her story, click on the video below)


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons and daughters of God.”

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