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Inside Out- A Movie Review

Inside Out picI am one of the few people in the world who does not like movies. After too many times of feeling trapped in the middle of a packed theater watching something I didn’t want to watch, I finally decided I couldn’t trust that a moviemaker will take me somewhere I want to go. So, I don’t watch movies.

Unless my husband plans a surprise movie outing for the whole family. Then, I go along. A little wary, but I still go along. I know I can sit on the aisle and make a beeline for the door if I feel the need.

So we arrive at the theater to see the animated Pixar feature, Inside Out (risky, I know), and run smack into some friends who are just exiting. I remember her name, but for the life of me I can’t remember her husband’s name. I hate that.  Does that ever happen to you?  That’s when the “Hey there!” comes in handy, which I have to use quite often because the part of my brain that remembers names was permanently damaged at some point. I’m not sure when.

We ask how they liked the movie and they give each other one of those looks that says, “Should we tell them the truth?”  She wrinkles her nose and smiles. “We like movies like The Incredibles. This one is about a girl who has to move and everything she’s feeeeling.”

I start to feel a little giddy. I moved more than 10 times as a kid and I definitely felt things. A lot of things. I could like this movie.

Like it? Nothin.’ I LOVED it.

Inside Out takes you inside 11-year old Riley’s mind as she has to leave her small hometown in the Midwest and move to the big city of San Francisco. Five of her emotions, Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear, and Sadness are played by animated characters that try to keep her in balance. But as things start to fall apart at her new school and at home, pandemonium ensues in her emotional control center as well.

The movie was CRAZY-CREATIVE. One of my favorite parts was a visit inside her father’s mind who has to respond to her mother who has asked him a question. I seriously laughed so hard I started making my children uncomfortable. And then there was a visit to abstract-land, when the emotion characters become flat geometric shapes and have to figure out how to become 3-dimensional again. Fabulously creative.

But on a deeper level, the film reminded me of the value of all of our emotions- especially sadness. Remember my blog post on tears a few months ago? (Click here to see it) I was convinced then that feeling sadness was important. But after watching Inside Out, I’m even more convinced. In fact, if we try to get rid of sadness, we are in danger of becoming numb altogether. But by giving ourselves the freedom to be sad, we welcome the full experience of joy in brilliant color.

I laughed, I cried, and as a bonus- I also figured out what happened to the part of our brains that is supposed to remember people’s names. Little worker guys have been flipping all of our name marbles out of their neatly organized rows into the black hole just for fun! That’s so mean and WRONG!  We need those marbles!

Hey, I’m angry!  Oh, but that’s good. Or even better, maybe I’m just sad.  Sad at the loss of our marbles.  Let’s be sad together.  *Sniff*

In conclusion, if you haven’t seen Inside Out, no, it’s definitely not The Incredibles, but I still highly recommend it.  In fact, if I see it a second time, I’m pretty sure I won’t even need an aisle seat.


P.S. If you’ve already seen Inside Out, leave a comment with your favorite part or a memorable takeaway.  And if you didn’t like it (whaaat??), you can tell me that, too.


2 thoughts on “Inside Out- A Movie Review”

  1. My granddaughter Tess, almost 13, saw this movie and loved it. Now with your glowing review, I plan to see it myself!!

  2. Thanks Heidi! I enjoyed your blog with interest. I had seen the Inside Out trailer at the one movie we went to this year 🙂 I wondered about it with curiosity as to whether it would be disappointing or fun! You’ve peaked my interest to the fun side!

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