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My Social Media Manifesto

Ever felt anxious about social media?  Wondered what to post, when to post, how much to post?

With Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest, sometimes the pressure to post something interesting, often, can feel a bit overwhelming.  Not to mention if you’re a blogger.  Over time, social media can feel like a beast that’s demanding to be fed, daily, with our pictures and thoughts and life.

And then there’s the firestorm of heated arguments on social media right now.  What should you do?  Should you put in your two cents?

The other day I read post from a man who called people of my faith a horrible name.  That makes me mad.  And sad.  In a culture that values tolerance over everything else, it feels like a double standard.

Should we respond to posts like that?  If we do, how can we respond in a way that represents our hearts well and doesn’t give people more ammo for those type of comments?

Social media can cause a lot of us great anxiety.  One of my friends became so embroiled in a debate on social media that she attempted to take her own life.  Oh, my friend.  Somehow, we have to take the teeth out of it- take the power away from it to control our hearts and minds and lives.

When I told my husband about my own anxiety, he said, “I think we forget that social media is just a way to have a conversation.”  He’s right.

So, I began to work with graphic designer Mandy Davis on creating “Social Media Manifesto.”  A manifesto is a public declaration of your policies and intentions, and I decided that in the area of social media, I needed one.

If these are your sentiments, too, feel free to share it or print it out and post it somewhere you can read it when you’re feeling anxious.

Breathe.  Rest.  And then, when you’re ready, join social media and have a conversation with a friend.  That’s all it is.

Social Media Manifesto


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