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Just Try to Trigger Me

Conversations about controversial subjects can quickly turn violent- both in word and action. It’s not easy to keep your cool, stay in the moment, and maintain your connection with the other person.

When my progressive, Seattle-dwelling friend Kellie suggested in a video conversation that we TRY to trigger each other and then monitor our physiological and emotional responses, I was hesitant. It felt kind of like intentionally like stepping on a live mine, which I’m guessing most of us typically try to avoid.

I finally agreed. She tried to trigger me with the topic of abortion. And I tried to trigger her with the topic of Christianity, both topics we knew were hot buttons for each other.

The triggers worked. But what happened next surprised me.

As Christians, many of us go on missions trips during the summer. We help build playgrounds, feed the hungry, hug the hurting, and, share the good news of Jesus, in whom we believe true hope and life are found. However, my conversation with Kellie reminded me that there are ways to share my faith that bring connection and there are ways to “share” my faith that can actually shut people down.

Watch and learn. And don’t do what I did.

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