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how to tell someone to get off their phone

How to Tell Someone to Get off Their Phone

how to tell someone to get off their phone

Do you ever wonder what’s the best way to tell someone to get off their phone? Me, too!

Here’s another question- have you ever tried to talk to someone while they’re looking at their phone? “Umm…yes, every day.” Especially if you have teenagers in your house.

Does it frustrate you? “Umm…yes, every day!”

While our first instinct might be to yell, “Would you stop looking at your stupid phone and look up at me for once?!” we probably all know that’s not the best way relationally to accomplish our goal of initiating a connected conversation.

The trust is, good relationships are built on a foundation of trust. And attacking the other person, demanding they look up at you is not going to help build the trust in your relationship. In fact, they might be so annoyed with you that, while they might look up, they might choose not to listen.

So, we have to get more creative. In the video below, I give you my best tips to tell someone to get off their phone. Try one, and let me know what happens!

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