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The Challenges of a Working Mother

Imagine being 3 years old. Your mom has to record a voiceover for a commercial, because that’s her job. So it’s your job to be quiet for a reeeally long time: 10 seconds. And when you’re 3, 10 seconds is an eternity.

Now imagine being the mom who has to record the commercial.

That’s me. I record scripts for commercials and narrations and phone system greetings for various clients from my office at home. I usually head into the office at night once I’ve tucked my 4 boys into bed, so it’s nice and quiet.

But occasionally, I have a client who needs a recording pronto, and if it’s daytime, finding 30 seconds of quiet with my 3-year old in the house is a major feat.

Recently, I needed to record a rush spot for V8 Juice for indy commercial producer Karen Robertson…in the daytime. Justin was in the office with me…helping.

Take a listen…V8 v:o with justin helping

I’m still not entirely sure about the thunder I evidently heard at the end. I’m thinking now it was most likely a rumbling in some little pants.

But if you’re 3, that’s a pretty cool way to make a sound effect.

7 thoughts on “The Challenges of a Working Mother”

  1. hi heidi –
    i’m a voice over artist as well with a small child, so i absolutely understand this post! thank you for sharing and if you have any helpful tips on juggling both i’d love to hear them! 🙂
    ~ havilland maxwell

  2. Love this! And your voice is wonderful! Do you have a theatre at all where you are doing plays? I am currently in the most amazing Christian theatre piece, and would love to share it with you.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Terri! I am not in a play right now, but we do have some fabulous resident theatre companies in the area. I would love to read your piece! message me your email addy on FB…

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