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Yoga and Heart Ventricles

You know you need to exercise.  Age and wombing multiple babies has taken its toll.  So you inquire about a local yoga class.  Sounds nice.  Peaceful, quiet.  Words which rarely describe your life as a mother of young children.  You ask the yoga instructor if her studio offers childcare.  She answers, “No, but you could just bring them.  One mom brings her little girl and she just colors the whole time.”

You smile.  She doesn’t know your children.  If she did, she wouldn’t make such an offer.

“Thank you.  But I think they would…um…change the class dynamic.”

You know from experience your children don’t sit and color for more than 1 minute, and that’s on the wall.  And, if you mix peaceful, quiet yoga with bored, noisy children, you’ll get a frustrated, embarrassed mommy.

With yoga out, you must get creative, think of a new form of exercise, one that fits naturally with your current lifestyle.  So you decide something crazy- to play with your children as if play was a workout.

You tear through the house, brandishing a light sabre, hunting a lightning-fast Jedi knight who squeals with delight.  You sweat on a trampoline, leaping high, trying to “split peas”- kids who have linked arms and vowed not to be split apart.  You play baseball with a wanna-be pitcher in the backyard, sprinting to retrieve every far-flung ball.  You volunteer to be “it” and chase a gang of 3 through the trees, hoping you might actually tag someone to prove you can still run fast.

You go to the mall and make a memory by riding 26 escalators and elevators.  You go to Chuck-E-Cheese and try to win the dance game.

Then you visit the Adventure Science Center.  Ride a stationary bike to turn on a light bulb, climb a ladder of rib bones to explore a new level of scientific experiments, slide down a larger-than-life colon, and squeeze through a maze of heart ventricles to follow your tireless companions.

And then it hits you:  Who needs yoga when you’re climbing through heart ventricles? You think about calling the yoga instructor to tell her your epiphany.  But then you hear just how crazy it sounds.  And you suddenly realize that may be the first and last time in the history of the world that question will ever be uttered.

2 thoughts on “Yoga and Heart Ventricles”

  1. A solid 30-minute workout at the Discovery Zone, chasing my kids through the tunnels and down the poles, would leave anyone in my spin class in the dust. Plus I get tokens and skeetball. Who needs a gym membership?

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