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To the Kid Who Smashed My Windshield

brokennessI don’t know your name.  I only know what you did.  Rocketed a baseball from your hand or bat and smashed my windshield.  Then you left.  Left without a note.  Left cracked glass that mars my vision.

All I can see now is brokenness.

I know you probably didn’t do it on purpose.  You probably aren’t mean.  Just scared.  Somehow it feels safer to flee than to fess up.  I get that.  Fessing up could mean facing anger. Rejection.  Punishment.

I could be angry.  Believe me, I don’t want to pay to fix a broken windshield.

But even more than that, I’m sad for you.  Sad for the hours you may be haunted by running away from your brokenness and not owning it.

Today, I choose to give you grace.  Not because you deserve it.  God knows none of us deserve it.  But because choosing grace means Living Free and I want to live that way.  Unclenching fists and letting go.  Using hands that could harm in return for harm to bless instead.

We’re all broken.

And someday, when another carelessly mars your car and flees the scene, I pray you will remember my windshield and give grace, too.

Finally, to the woman whose car I dented in 1989 and fled, thank you for your grace. I have tried for 24 years to find you to pay my debt.  But I have had to accept your grace instead.

Your grace.  And my brokenness.

Today, I want you to know- I’m “gracing it forward.”

2 thoughts on “To the Kid Who Smashed My Windshield”

  1. Precious post, Heidi. May we all remember that grace and forgiveness are most likely the two best gifts we could ever give. Praise God that He has extended grace and forgiveness to us, even though we don’t deserve it!

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