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VIDEO: A Reading From The Christmas Song

On Christmas Eve, during the worship services at The Ascent Church, I read a piece from The Christmas Song, a musical I wrote for Brentwood-Benson in 2010.  I’ve posted the video below (thanks for my 8-year old son for being my videographer and my husband for playing such a perfectly beautiful music bed on the piano).

I remember recording this narration in a studio in Nashville and getting so choked up that I had to step away from the microphone for a few moments to collect myself. To me, the Christmas story is more than just a story. It’s love come to life.

As you listen, put yourself in the scene. Close your eyes. Hear the sounds. Feel the textures. Smell the smells. See the colors, the light, the faces. Let the love of God wash over you again and fill you with deep joy for His gift of our Savior.

Merry Christmas!

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